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Message to Alumni

As you can see we have completely redesigned our website.   Our new site allows us complete control to add new content at anytime and from any computer.

Some of the new features include photo galleries for student activites and events, as well as, photo galleries for all sports.  We invite parents and students to send us your digital images of Lee Academy events.  We do require that all images have a descriptive name, i.e "JH boys track 21" and that you resize your images to a maximum 640 pixels wide.  Images should be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  .

Another feature is two online calendars, one for academic events and the other for sports.  These calendars allow you to subscribe to one or both and choose to be notified of events by email, text message or both.  Email notification will be sent 24 hours prior and text messages 1 hour prior to the event.

The map to the school has also been updated and allows visitors to easily map their drive to Lee Academy.

We encourage our alumni to sign up for our special email message list by going to the ALUMNI section, click on REGISTER FOR EMAIL MESSAGES and fill-out the form.  You will not be flooded with email but periodically we will send mesages about important events or activities at Lee Academy.

Another feature that is available is LIVE Internet broadcasts.  We now have the ability to broadcast over the Internet virtually every school event, both at home and away.  All that is required is an inexpensive camera, a laptop, an Internet connection and a volunteer.   Events that are broadcast LIVE are immediately archived on the server and available for playback at anytime from any computer and in some cases your Smartphone.  This can be a great fundraiser with real value to the sponsors.